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We create stock and custom themes for Oracle Application Express using cutting-edge XHTML, CSS, jQuery and jQuery UI. All of our APEX themes are built to the highest standards and include everything you need to transform your drab application into a professional solution.

Latest News

The Future of APEX Themes

To understand where APEX Themes is going, you need to know how it all started. In 2008 I set up APEX Themes as a sole trader trading under the name Creative Mode. Shortly afterwards my wife, Sara, started contracting as an APEX developer with her own company Silvercore Solutions Ltd. As both our businesses grew, Sara and I began working together more and more on joint projects, moving beyond themes and into bespoke application development, plugins and even fully integrated frameworks. During this time we amassed a wealth of experience and code and began to plan a new, united direction for our businesses. To this end, more recently I ceased trading as Creative Mode and became a director of Silvercore Solutions Ltd., simplifying our business structure and allowing us to focus both our efforts on a single endeavour.

A few weeks ago we relaunched the Silvercore website. As well as continuing to supply bespoke APEX development services to our clients we are now packaging our considerable code base into off-the-shelf JavaScript Libraries, jQuery Widgets and Oracle APEX Plugins.

With the recent release of APEX 5 and the Universal Theme I expect demand for third party APEX themes to wane, for now. So we are taking this opportunity to put APEX Themes on hold and concentrate our efforts on Silvercore. However, I personally don't think the Universal Theme is as universal as the clever name would suggest and while it no doubt provides an alluring upgrade path for developers transitioning from APEX 4 to APEX 5, when the dust settles and APEX 5 is established, discerning APEX developers will once again look for more flexible themes that can realise their unique visions and enable them to stand out from the Universal crowd. So as the sun sets on APEX 4 and Echo theme, I will be hard at work, researching and developing a successor to Echo theme that will once again provide a high-calibre alternative to the standard APEX themes.

Echo Theme for APEX 4 Goes HTML5

The latest version of Echo theme for APEX 4, version 2.0, has been released today, 10th January 2012.

The biggest new feature (ironically requiring the smallest change) is the move to a HTML5 doctype in all page templates. Whilst Echo theme itself doesn't yet specifically use HTML5 features, a growing number of APEX plugins and applications do (as will future versions of APEX no doubt), and this update has been made to accommodate these. If you are already implementing HTML5 standards in your APEX applications, or are using plugins that do, Echo theme 2.0 now uses the recommended doctype. If you are not yet using HTML5, don't panic!,  it is 100% backwards-compatible with older versions of HTML in all browsers supported by Echo theme, so even though this change will have no impact on your applications now, it will enable you to seamlessly transition to HTML5 in the future.

This update to Echo theme also includes a number of bug fixes, enhancements and tweaks, plus the latest version of jQuery UI.Layout, full details of which can be found in the changelog. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of my customers for their support and feedback over the past year and wish you all a belated Happy New Year.

Echo theme update for APEX 4.1

Aside from a single bug (see below), we are happy to confirm that all features and functionality of Echo theme appear to be unaffected by the recently released APEX 4.1 update. The Echo theme demo application is hosted on apex.oracle.com which is now running APEX version 4.1 and so can be used to evaluate Echo theme's compatibility with this latest version of APEX.

The bug: In APEX 4.1 the developer toolbar ID has been changed from "htmldbDevToolbar" to "apex-dev-toolbar". Echo theme applies a z-index CSS property to the developer toolbar to force it to appear above the jQuery UI.Layout generated panes. Without this z-index the toolbar is permanently hidden below the content panes, and because of the change of ID in 4.1, this is exactly what happens. Despite the obvious impact of this bug, the fix is quite trivial and requires only that this new developer toolbar ID to be added to the relevant selector in theme.css:

 #apex-dev-toolbar {z-index:11111111;}

Customers affected by this bug can easily implement this fix themselves by editing theme.css and making the above change. However, an updated version of Echo theme which includes this bug fix is also available free of charge to all customers that have previously licensed Echo theme. If you would like the latest version of Echo theme at any time, please don't hesitate to contact us.

New APEX Theme: “Echo”

Due to an overwhelming demand for our discontinued APEX themes we are pleased to be now offering our latest creation: Echo theme.

Echo theme combines the best features of our hugely popular Charlie and Delta themes into one feature-rich, massively customisable APEX theme optimised for APEX 4. Structured to utilise APEX 4's built-in jQuery and jQuery UI libraries, Echo theme is a breeze to setup and use. Boasting a range of powerful features including dynamic theme switching support, full jQuery UI ThemeRoller compatibility, Right-to-left (RTL) language support and selectable javascript or CSS page layouts using a single set of APEX page templates, Echo is the only APEX theme you will ever need!

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New APEX Theme: “Delta”

Following on from the hugely popular Charlie theme is the all new Delta theme, a massively customisable panel layout APEX theme perfect for web applications built with Oracle Application Express.

Delta theme fully integrates the incredibly powerful jQuery UI.Layout plugin to generate application-style panel layouts packed with useful features like re-sizable, collapsible, hide-able and slide-able sidebars, headers and footers and independently scrolling content areas plus more. Delta theme includes several panel-layout page templates that will be familiar to APEX developers, with unlimited potential for customisation and expansion.

The frequently requested jQuery UI Datepicker widget is also included with Delta and is ready to go straight out of the box with only a few simple changes to your existing application. As usual, datepicker options can be set in the theme javascript file, but in Delta we've also included a neat solution to enable you to set different datepicker options on every page (or even just customised defaults on Page 0) without having to edit any theme files! In Delta, all jQuery UI Datepicker options can now be set or overridden directly in your APEX application.

And of course, Delta theme can also be styled to your liking with the jQuery UI ThemeRoller, should none of the included 24 styles fit your requirements.

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New APEX Theme: “Charlie”

jQuery UI Theme RollerWe have just launched a new APEX theme series designated "Charlie" and it's already proving to be a big hit. Our Charlie theme is more than just an APEX theme; it's a theme framework that can be fully skinned by end-users, simply and quickly using the powerful, interactive jQuery UI ThemeRoller.

We have designed Charlie from scratch to take full advantage of the jQuery UI ThemeRoller by integrating the jQuery UI CSS Framework directly into the APEX theme templates. This means that almost all of the visual design of the Charlie theme is controlled by a jQuery UI theme, which can be "rolled" any way you like by choosing from amongst thousands of possible combinations of colours, fonts, buttons, tabs and background images with the ThemeRoller GUI. No prior knowledge of HTML or CSS is required.

With Charlie and the jQuery UI ThemeRoller you can now have complete control over the look and feel of your APEX applications. This might be the only APEX theme you ever need!

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