New APEX Theme: “Charlie”

jQuery UI Theme RollerWe have just launched a new APEX theme series designated "Charlie" and it's already proving to be a big hit. Our Charlie theme is more than just an APEX theme; it's a theme framework that can be fully skinned by end-users, simply and quickly using the powerful, interactive jQuery UI ThemeRoller.

We have designed Charlie from scratch to take full advantage of the jQuery UI ThemeRoller by integrating the jQuery UI CSS Framework directly into the APEX theme templates. This means that almost all of the visual design of the Charlie theme is controlled by a jQuery UI theme, which can be "rolled" any way you like by choosing from amongst thousands of possible combinations of colours, fonts, buttons, tabs and background images with the ThemeRoller GUI. No prior knowledge of HTML or CSS is required.

With Charlie and the jQuery UI ThemeRoller you can now have complete control over the look and feel of your APEX applications. This might be the only APEX theme you ever need!

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