New APEX Theme: “Delta”

Following on from the hugely popular Charlie theme is the all new Delta theme, a massively customisable panel layout APEX theme perfect for web applications built with Oracle Application Express.

Delta theme fully integrates the incredibly powerful jQuery UI.Layout plugin to generate application-style panel layouts packed with useful features like re-sizable, collapsible, hide-able and slide-able sidebars, headers and footers and independently scrolling content areas plus more. Delta theme includes several panel-layout page templates that will be familiar to APEX developers, with unlimited potential for customisation and expansion.

The frequently requested jQuery UI Datepicker widget is also included with Delta and is ready to go straight out of the box with only a few simple changes to your existing application. As usual, datepicker options can be set in the theme javascript file, but in Delta we've also included a neat solution to enable you to set different datepicker options on every page (or even just customised defaults on Page 0) without having to edit any theme files! In Delta, all jQuery UI Datepicker options can now be set or overridden directly in your APEX application.

And of course, Delta theme can also be styled to your liking with the jQuery UI ThemeRoller, should none of the included 24 styles fit your requirements.

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