Echo theme update for APEX 4.1

Aside from a single bug (see below), we are happy to confirm that all features and functionality of Echo theme appear to be unaffected by the recently released APEX 4.1 update. The Echo theme demo application is hosted on which is now running APEX version 4.1 and so can be used to evaluate Echo theme's compatibility with this latest version of APEX.

The bug: In APEX 4.1 the developer toolbar ID has been changed from "htmldbDevToolbar" to "apex-dev-toolbar". Echo theme applies a z-index CSS property to the developer toolbar to force it to appear above the jQuery UI.Layout generated panes. Without this z-index the toolbar is permanently hidden below the content panes, and because of the change of ID in 4.1, this is exactly what happens. Despite the obvious impact of this bug, the fix is quite trivial and requires only that this new developer toolbar ID to be added to the relevant selector in theme.css:

 #apex-dev-toolbar {z-index:11111111;}

Customers affected by this bug can easily implement this fix themselves by editing theme.css and making the above change. However, an updated version of Echo theme which includes this bug fix is also available free of charge to all customers that have previously licensed Echo theme. If you would like the latest version of Echo theme at any time, please don't hesitate to contact us.