The Future of APEX Themes

To understand where APEX Themes is going, you need to know how it all started. In 2008 I set up APEX Themes as a sole trader trading under the name Creative Mode. Shortly afterwards my wife, Sara, started contracting as an APEX developer with her own company Silvercore Solutions Ltd. As both our businesses grew, Sara and I began working together more and more on joint projects, moving beyond themes and into bespoke application development, plugins and even fully integrated frameworks. During this time we amassed a wealth of experience and code and began to plan a new, united direction for our businesses. To this end, more recently I ceased trading as Creative Mode and became a director of Silvercore Solutions Ltd., simplifying our business structure and allowing us to focus both our efforts on a single endeavour.

A few weeks ago we relaunched the Silvercore website. As well as continuing to supply bespoke APEX development services to our clients we are now packaging our considerable code base into off-the-shelf JavaScript Libraries, jQuery Widgets and Oracle APEX Plugins.

With the recent release of APEX 5 and the Universal Theme I expect demand for third party APEX themes to wane, for now. So we are taking this opportunity to put APEX Themes on hold and concentrate our efforts on Silvercore. However, I personally don't think the Universal Theme is as universal as the clever name would suggest and while it no doubt provides an alluring upgrade path for developers transitioning from APEX 4 to APEX 5, when the dust settles and APEX 5 is established, discerning APEX developers will once again look for more flexible themes that can realise their unique visions and enable them to stand out from the Universal crowd. So as the sun sets on APEX 4 and Echo theme, I will be hard at work, researching and developing a successor to Echo theme that will once again provide a high-calibre alternative to the standard APEX themes.