This theme is no longer available. Please take a look at our new Echo theme for APEX 4.

Charlie Series APEX Theme

A feature-rich and flexible theme that can be customised using the jQuery UI ThemeRoller.

The new Charlie APEX theme is probably the only APEX theme you will ever need!

Created from scratch using modern XHTML, CSS, jQuery and jQuery UI, "Charlie" has been designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the jQuery UI CSS Framework.

With "Charlie" installed in your APEX application you can create any skin you like, yourself, using the simple, interactive jQuery UI ThemeRoller. Alternatively, "Charlie" comes with all 24 pre-designed jQuery UI gallery themes for you to choose from to get started.

For a one off cost of just 49.95 GBP you can now create for yourself an unlimited range of themes for your APEX applications.

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Just some of the possible skins you can create yourself using the new Charlie APEX theme and jQuery UI ThemeRoller.