This theme is no longer available. Please take a look at our new Echo theme for APEX 4.

Delta Series APEX Theme

An application-style panel layout theme that can be customised using the jQuery UI ThemeRoller.

You can create your own look and feel for the Delta theme with the jQuery UI ThemeRoller.


Install "Delta" theme

Follow the instructions in the theme installation guide.


Create your own theme using the jQueryUI ThemeRoller

Go to the jQuery UI ThemeRoller page and, using the interactive GUI, create your theme by choosing from any of the available settings. Then click Download theme from the ThemeRoller control panel. On the next page click Deselect all components, make sure Custom Theme is selected in the drop down list and optionally edit the Theme Folder Name under Advanced Theme Settings. Then click the Download button.


Unzip the jQuery UI theme download file

Unzip the theme download file to a suitable folder on your computer. This will create a folder structure containing the jQuery UI bundle, which will include a folder named css that will contain your new theme folder (by default named custom-theme).

Important! The default name of the main css file includes a version number e.g. jquery-ui-1.8.2.custom.css. Delta theme requires the main css file be named jquery-ui.css. This eliminates the need to update template filepaths for future versions of jQuery UI.


Transfer the jQueryUI theme folder to your Delta theme installation

Copy the jQuery UI theme folder located in Step 3 to the css folder within your Delta theme installation.


Edit the value of UI_THEME in your APEX application

During installation of the Delta theme you will have created a substitution string named UI_THEME in your APEX application. Change the value of UI_THEME to the name of the folder that contains your new jQueryUI theme (by default custom-theme).

Your application will now use your new theme.