Installation Guide

Theme installation varies greatly depending on your APEX setup. The steps below are guidelines only.


Unzip the theme download file

Unzip the theme download file to a suitable folder on your computer. This will create a folder structure containing the theme images, CSS and javascript plus an SQL file to be imported into your APEX application.


Transfer the theme folder to your APEX images folder

The theme folder must be transferred to a location accessible to your APEX application. The most obvious location is the APEX images folder, usually "i" or "images". If you do not know the location of your APEX images folder or how to transfer files to it please contact your APEX administrator in the first instance. Please note that in most cases your APEX images folder is not on your local drive! Any files on your local machine are most likely redundant installation files that are not actively used by APEX.

The following blog posts offer some suggestions of how to connect to your APEX images folder:

If you do not have access to the APEX images folder then any web folder will suffice. Simply upload the theme folder to your web host using an appropriate means (FTP etc.) and set the THEME_PATH substitution string (see step 4) accordingly e.g. The theme folder does not need to reside on the same domain as your APEX installation.


Import the theme into your APEX application

  1. Log in to APEX.
  2. Navigate to the Shared Components of your application.
  3. Select Themes and then Import Theme from the task list.
  4. Locate the SQL file previously unzipped and click Next, Next and Install Theme.
  5. To activate your new theme click Switch Theme. Select your theme from the drop-down selection, if not already selected, and click Next, Next and Switch Theme.

Set theme substitution strings in your APEX application

All of our themes require specific substitution strings be set in order to work correctly. You must create and set these substitution strings yourself in each APEX application you install our themes into. Please refer to the installation instructions for your specific theme.